3D 4D Ultrasound Long Beach, California.

When contacting us from Long Beach for an appointment for your 3d 4d ultrasound, you can call us at 1-800-604-4014. We are open seven days a week for your convenience, but our weekend appointments fill up fast.  If you would like to come in on Saturday or Sunday, its best to book your appointment well in advance. For Long Beach customers, you can get a same day appointment, but make sure to call early in the day for details.It is our pleasure to serve all the moms-to-be in the Long Beach area.

3D 4D Ultrasound Long Beach, California
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Our Whittier office is located just  22 miles from Long Beach. You can take the 605 Freeway North.  Once on the 605 South, the  exit is Whittier Boulevard. Make a right onto Whittier Boulevard, and then turn left onto Philadelphia Street.  We are on the right hand side 2 blocks after Greenleaf in Uptown Whittier.

For Appointment Ultrasound Information: Call 1-800-604-4014

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For 3D 4D Ultrasound Appointments Call 1-800-604-4014

3D 4D Ultrasound by 4D Special Delivery offers expecting families an opportunity of a lifetime- a bonding experience with your baby in the womb with a 3D 4D Ultrasound session close to Long Beach, California. In our office, you can bring your closest friends and family members to see your baby in 3D 4D Ultrasound; our 3D 4D Ultrasound and will give you that first glimpse of the new life in your family, giving you a precious view of the little one you are soon to meet face to face. You can see your baby’s face, their nose, cheeks, or chin, and see who the baby resembles the most in the family. To make your 3D 4D Ultrasound appointment, please call 1-800-604 -4014.

3D 4D Ultrasound Long Beach

Rather than going to a medical environment, where most families and friends cannot go into the ultrasound room, our state of the art ultrasound facility (close to Long Beach) combines the highest technology, with experienced ultrasound sonographers, and a “theater-like” experience to view your new little miracle.   Why wait any longer than you have to! Come and see your little baby wave, smile, and/or yawn, and “meet” your baby before he/she is here.  We appreciate the opportunity to help you greet your new little one and we want you to experience this moment with us, a moment that will be treasured forever.

3D 4D Ultrasound Long Beach

We have different packages you can choose from.  Our 3D 4D Ultrasound have a variety of different options, including a heartbeat teddy bear, DVDs, and/or CD Rom. You will be thrilled with the 4D Live baby feature and be able to share the experience with friends, family -and even your little one as they grow up- when you have our precious CD with images or especially our DVD with music. Don’t miss a moment of your baby’s life; capture all the magic you can with a ultrasound in the beginning stages of your child’s life.  Our office is conveniently located near Long Beach, CA.  Take advantage of this once-in-their-lifetime event. Your baby will never be at this stage again, so let us help you enjoy it to the full and preserve it to share for ages to come. Your family will delight in the clear, warm and amazing images our 4D Live ultrasound technology! Bring the whole family in, siblings too, and experience your new baby together. 3D 4D Ultrasound by 4D Special Delivery is ready to share the excitement of your new life together.  

3D 4D Ultrasound Long Beach

 Give us a call today to schedule your much-to-be-treasured 3D 4D ultrasound in Long Beach, California, and find out how much fun and joy there is to see your baby in the womb in our ultrasound pictures. From gender determination to simply getting beautiful 3D 4D Ultrasound pictures, these moments are to be treasured for years, 3D 4D Ultrasound by 4D Special Delivery is by your side with the perfect technology in a pleasing and relaxing environment.

3D 4D Ultrasound Long Beach

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3D 4D Ultrasound Long Beach, California
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